If you are in the market for a new vehicle, it may be time to make the switch to an EV. For some this may be a very appealing option, but to the SUV lover- this may not fit the bill. Today we will be taking a closer look at the advantages of owning a EV.

It’s Trendy

This shouldn’t necessarily be the number one reason that you buy an EV, but it certainly is appealing to some. People like to own cars that are exclusive or special in some sort of way. The cool factor draws a lot of consumers to buy vehicles like the Smart Car. It drives different and it looks different than your average vehicle.

Zero Emissions

Lighten up on pollution by driving an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles emit zero emissions. The most harmful kind of pollutants are caused by vehicle emissions. You can directly reduce air pollution in your area by driving an EV.

Saving Money On Gas

One of the main motivations that draw many to purchase an EV, is the no-gas factor. No need to go to the gas station and pay whatever outrageous prices are currently available. Instead simply plug your car into the wall and get the battery charged up! On average, consumers saved $400 per year on gas, when the average price was about two dollars. Not going to the gas station will also save you money in the aspect that you won’t be tempted to buy a lotto ticket, or go on a snack run.

Public Charging Stations Are Becoming A Norm

When electric vehicles were first invented, there was the issue of charging your EV when you weren’t home. There were rarely EV charging stations that were available for use. Now that electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent, electric car charging stations are popping up everywhere. With thousands of electric car charging ports throughout Sun Valley and other cities across the country, charging your EV is easier than ever. If you are a business owner and would like to join the green revolution, contact Green Road Solar to learn more about electric car charger installation in Sun Valley.

Less Maintenance

Electric vehicles need less maintenance in general. They don’t require as many oil changes, cooling systems flushes, air filter replacements, or drive belts. Having an electric vehicle could save you a few thousand dollars in maintenance over the lifespan of the vehicle. This means peace of mind and a break for your wallet in more areas than one.


Get A Discount

The government is currently promoting ownership of electric vehicle, which means discounts, tax deductions. The government is currently offering a $7,500 federal tax credit to those who purchase a electric vehicle. On top of this federal tax credit, certain states offer an additional stipend credit. The state of California offers upto an additional $6,500 of of the price of the vehicle for a full savings of $14,000 on a electric vehicle.