In our previous blog, we took a look at some of the more luxurious electric car options. Today we will be taking a look at some of the more popular and affordable electric vehicle options available. Luckily, whether you own an electric Tesla or a Ford Focus, you can use the same electric charging ports around Sun Valley to juice up. Lets look at some eco-friendly and wallet friendly electric car options.

Fiat 500e

This European dream car is sleek, petite, and quick. Although it has four seats, it fits two adults comfortably and will need a charge up a little after 80 miles driven. This car is known for it’s great reputation, durability, and style. You can find one new for around the $30,000 mark. They come in a variety of exclusive colors and have a sporty interior design.

Ford Focus Electric

This is the first electric vehicle developed by Ford. This vehicle runs a little below $30,000 when purchased new, and it has comfortable seating for five. It can go about 76 miles in between charges. This vehicle looks like a bit of a crossover vehicle because of its height and hatchback feature.

Kia Soul EV

This electric vehicle has just recently been released to the electric car market. It offers a large interior with a hatchback design for storage, parking assist, voice command navigation, and it can travel 93 miles between charges.

Nissan Leaf

This vehicle has become one of the most competitive choices on the electric car market. In fact, it has been named the world’s best-selling electric car.

With so many popular electric vehicles to choose from, it is no wonder that they are becoming more prevalent. If you are a Sun Valley business owner, it may be time to invest in a few electric car chargers.