Most people think of shrinky dink cars when they think of electric vehicles. You think small, and powerless. Once upon a time, this was the case, but as technology progresses so does the electric car market. Today you can find some of the most incredible and sleek cars in an environmentally friendly form. Here are some of the smoothest electric vehicles on the market to date:

Tesla Model S P90D-Ludicrous

This beautifully designed vehicle is not only an emissions-free vehicle that your friends will envy based on looks alone, but this well-known sports car can go from zero to 60 in just 2.8 seconds. With 762 horse power, you would expect nothing less. When you are not out racing, you can expect to go about 268 miles between charges.

Toyota RAV4 EV

For those green folks who prefer an SUV for their adventuring, the Toyota RAV4 EV has the four-wheel-drive feature that you crave, and cargo space you love. It provides the best of both worlds to eco-friendly drivers. This vehicle packs 154 horsepower and can go a little more than 100 miles before needing a charge.

BMW i3

This vehicle is the luxurious version of your typical electric vehicle. It offers you space, versatility, power, and no emissions. This crossover vehicle can go up to 81 miles per charge, and with the range extender, it can travel up to 150 miles per charge. This vehicle can also rev from 0-60 in seven seconds.

With car choices as good as these, why wouldn’t you go electric? With electric vehicles becoming the way of the future, it is time to invest in electric car charging ports for your Sun Valley office building and home. Call the electric car charging port experts of Sun Valley at Green Road Solar today!