At Green Road Solar, we know solar energy. We know the benefits of installing solar panels in your home or business, and we understand how the use of clean, renewable energy can impact the future of the energy industry. That’s why we are proud to offer our services and expertise to Sun Valley and the surrounding area. Whether you need an electric charging station for your electric car or want to install solar panels on your property, we can help. But did you also know that solar energy could do more to help the world in unexpected ways?

Economic Impact

You are likely familiar with the fact that solar panels provide a renewable and clean source of energy. But did you also know that solar energy has the potential to bring economic relief to developing nations? A researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has been studying the impact of the implementation of off-grid solar lighting systems in developing nations and has concluded that it could allow for the creation of an estimated 2 million jobs in these regions.

Crunching Numbers

Research has shown that nearly 274 million homes around the world are without electricity. Even if solar power initiatives were to focus on even a fraction of those homes – say around 122 million – the opportunity for job creation would still be great in scope. Fuel-based energy is common in developing countries; however, that industry employs only around 150,000 jobs across the globe. The Berkeley Lab study indicates that if solar energy were introduced into poorer, undeveloped regions, that nearly 17,000 jobs would potentially be created for every one million solar-LED lanterns provided.

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