At Green Road Solar, we are proud to provide our solar energy expertise to Sun Valley and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s solar panel installation, Nest learning thermostats, or electric car chargers, we are your go-to for all of your solar needs. Part of what makes our services so valuable is the included comprehensive overview of important facets of your energy consumption, as well as the financial details you need on each of your monthly bills.

Your Best Tool

Your bill is more than just a piece of paper (or a screenshot for those of you opting to go paperless). Your bill is actually an extremely useful and valuable tool in your journey towards a more green, and more sustainable home. For your reference, you will see the time period you are being billed for, as well as details about how much energy your solar panel system is generating. You will also be able to
discern how much surplus energy you are using outside of what is generated by your system. This is a great way to monitor your energy consumption and help you adjust accordingly. Some of the other details provided in your bill include:

  • Your rate schedule
  • Meter info including: your meter number, start and ending reads, and the total kW hours used beyond what your solar panel system is able to generate
  • Tax info including: city and state information, as well as any applicable deductions or subsidies

Your energy bill is a valuable tool that we have designed to help aid you in your search for cleaner, more environmentally-friendly energy. If you are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also find more information by clicking here.