Whether this is the first time that you have looked into the possibility of having solar panels installed, or you have considered it before, it is time to get educated on all of the facts. Most people stray away from the idea of solar panel installation because they have the preconceived notion that they cannot afford it.


Newer technology is always a little pricier from the get go, but fortunately as the technology improves and the systems become more prevalent, prices drop.While solar panels may seem pricey upfront, they will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. You will see an immediate decrease on your electric bill. We use only the best products from inverters and panels, to railing and mounting systems. You will get quality equipment that will deliver the ultimate solar energy producing results. Contact us today for a solar panel quote on your Sun Valley home!  


If you cannot afford to install solar panels up front, but would love to be a part of the green revolution, Green Road Solar in Sun Valley offers financing options for obtaining solar panels for your home: lease, loan, or purchase. Our goal is to provide financing to suit everyone’s needs. Our application process makes things easy. If you are qualified and choose to loan or lease, there is no money due at the time of signing. You will simply make affordable monthly payments towards your solar panels. If you choose to purchase your solar panels, you will buy them all upfront. No matter the option that you choose, you will be preserving valuable resources and saving money on your energy bill!