You have heard so much about solar panels and how they are a great way to conserve resources and save money in the the long run, but do you actually know how they work? You are probably thinking that the solar panels collect light, which is then used as energy to power your house. While this idea is true, there is a lot more that goes into the process than catching light from the sun and being able to use your coffee maker in the morning.  Today we are going to take a deeper look at what it takes to turn sunlight into sustainable energy for your home, or business.

Solar Panel Systems

At Green Road Solar, we believe that it is extremely important to educate our customers on our products and processes before agreeing to an installation. We want you to know exactly what you are getting into, and the effects that will follow. Once you decide to invest in solar energy, you will want to contact Green Road Solar in Sun Valley to lease, lend, or purchase the solar panels and installation service. Once installed, your panels will begin collecting sunlight.

How Do The Panels Work?

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells. When hit with sunlight, these cells are able to convert sunlight into a form of electricity called DC. It does not need to be a sunny day for your solar panels to collect sunlight. The panels are able to collect even the smallest rays of sunshine. Unfortunately this form of electricity, DC, is not what we use in our homes, so it must be converted into another form of electricity in order to be used. This is where the inverter comes in; The inverter will convert the DC electricity into AC electricity. The inverter can sit on the outside of your home or in your garage to assist the panels in converting the energy. Once converted, you will be able to use this collected energy in AC form to power the appliances in your home.

Invest In The Nest

You will be able to monitor your energy usage. The nest will give you a better idea of the energy that you are using, and whether it is necessary or not. If you choose to pair your solar panel system with the Nest thermostat, the thermostat will actually monitor your energy use for you. It will know when to provide more energy to your home, and when to let up on the energy use based on your habits and patterns.

Between the monitoring system and the Nest thermostat you will be able to track and compare your energy use and cost from previous months. This will allow you to track the benefits and performance of the system. Contact Green Road Solar in Sun Valley today and start seeing the positive impact that a solar panel system can make on the environment and your wallet!