In our previous blog, we talked about some of the common myths about solar panels, such as maintenance concerns, what happens to leftover energy, and how changes in weather can affect your Sun Valley solar panels. Today we will be continuing that conversation in regards to the advancement of solar technology and when you can expect your solar panel system to shut down.

The Power Is Always On

Many people believe that in a state of emergency or power outage that any home with solar power will not be affected. Although this is a plausible idea, it is not true. If there are workers trying to fix the electricity, it is not safe to have energy being pushed through the wires. Therefore if the grid in your area goes out, your system will recognize that the grid as turned off and will power off as well.

Solar Technology Is Still Advancing

Many people believe that solar panel technology is comparable to any other form of technology and that it will improve, become more prevalent, and prices will drop. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The technology being used in today’s solar panels is the same technology that was being used in the 1960s. In the past 56 years, solar technology has not advanced drastically. If you are planning on installing solar panels on your home at any point, the time is now. Currently you may be eligible for a federal solar tax credits as well as additional incentives from your state. If you are serious about solar panels, contact Green Road Solar in Sun Valley to get started today!