With new technology, there are always going to be skeptics and those forming myths about what the technology can and cannot accomplish. Today we will be uncovering common myths about solar panels and solar energy.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Most people believe that your solar panels won’t be able to to collect any of that amazing Sun Valley sunlight on a gloomy or raining day. How will I power my house on a rainy day? The truth is that your solar panels will collect light during rain or shine. Your panels can catch any and all rays of light. In fact, most solar panels actually function better in cooler weather.

Pass The Leftovers

Unlike last night’s dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, you cannot save the excess energy created by your solar panels in a day. Many believe that any excess solar energy can be stored in the batteries of your panels. When there is leftover solar energy, it is taken by your energy company through a process called net metering. This means that they drain the extra energy from your solar system and give you a financial credit towards your bill.

Lots Of Maintenance

There isn’t much to solar panels, they don’t have any movement so there is not a very high chance of something malfunctioning or breaking. The only real maintenance required is a good rinse off every now and again. Hosing off your Sun Valley solar panels once a year should be sufficient.

Be sure to check back with us next week for more myths about solar panels!