Welcome to Green Road Solar. We are your local solar energy experts. We want to energize your future in a positive way, which is why we offer solar panel installation, Nest learning thermostats, and electric car charges for both residential and commercial properties.These three products  allow us to provide you will the tools for a greener lifestyle using renewable resources. Learn more about our three major services below.

Solar Panels

Our solar panels are easy to install and affordable enough to actually own. With solar energy, you will save tons of money on your electric bills and will also be using renewable resources, so you will be doing the world and your neighbor a favor. Financing options are available for our solar panel sets to make your solar panel installation dream into a reality.

Nest Thermostat

At Green Road Solar of Sun Valley, we also believe in the Nest learning thermostat for energy conservation. Nest Thermostats, when installed by one of our experts will help you to lower your utility bills, and conserve your converted solar energy. This investment will provide you with an advanced piece of technology to help you track the benefits of your installed solar panels.

Electrical Car Charger

If you are planning on going green in every aspect of your life, then why not get an electrical car charger installed in your garage or in the parking lot at your place of employment for your new Nissan Leaf or Toyota Prius.

If you are ready to jump into a greener lifestyle, contact us today!